Bring your event to life


Think back to the last online event you went to that was really delightful. We'll wait.

Ya, we couldn't think of one either... until we started going to events in Sophya. 🥳

The best events pre-Covid were the ones you got to meet someone new and make a connection. You know, a real connection, not a follower on LinkedIn. That's what every event on Sophya is built around-connecting people from all over, without the baggage that comes with events IRL. Meet, mingle, take in the scenery, play a game, all with PJs on your bottoms (🤫 we won't tell if you don't).


The type of virtual event that people look forward to.

Venues worthy of a party

You wouldn’t think these venues would come from a team that’s actually focused on productivity and culture, right? It’s ok, we’ll forgive you. Come for the beauty, stay for beauty and everything else.

All of your guests

Worried about limits? We’ve got that sweet, sweet, scalable surreal estate. We can host your event from 2 people to 200,000+ people. More, actually. Let’s go!

Custom ‘surreal estate’

Sky’s the limit: where would you like to mingle, panel, chat, drink, or learn? The moon? A magical forest inhabited by night elves? A… plain ol’ board room? Custom or off-the-shelf, we’ll get you the venue of your dreams.

Eat, drink, and be merry

Food integrations and drink integrations kind of equal ‘merry’. Give your people vouchers, or use corporate accounts. Dinner is served! And drinks. Can’t forget the drinks.

Music for your ears

Imagine a party with no music. Like, seriously? Stream music of your choice and help people stay cool, or jam out. You decide.

Actually social

Brady Bunch-esque black boxes aren’t very social. GIF spamming a chat channel is also not very social. Can we stop with that nonsense? Host an event that’s actually social. Be the hero your attendees deserve.

Turning online events into parties 🕺💃

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