Frequently Asked Questions

Using Sophya

How do I move around the World?

Use your arrow keys, your WASD keys, or your mouse to click to navigate! We recommend the arrows. 😉

How do I connect to others?

There are a couple of ways to connect. In the default proximity mode, you just walk up to people! When your avatar is close to another avatar, your video and audio feeds connect, just like in real life. When you're done with a conversation, you can just walk away. You can also connect via 'private conversation', or via broadcast-style meeting mode.

Who can hear and / or see me?

Others who are in a call with you and connected to you via video/audio can hear and see you. People not in a call with you, can't hear or see you (unless you broadcast, but that's 👇🏾, look at you, sprinting ahead!).

How do I exit Sophya World?

Simply close the browser tab. ✌️

How do I invite other people into the world?

If you're the owner of your space, you can access share links in Team & Room Settings, or use the share icon in the action bar.

How many people can be in a room at a given time?

This depends on the size of your rooms! On average, one floor of our office holds 30-40 people at once. We've got many floors in our office, so we can actually have an infinite number. The digital sky is literally the limit.

How do I find friends and coworkers?

You teleport to them! Once you're connected to someone, or are on the same work team, you can teleport to a room they're in if they are not where you are! It's the best way to hound someone down when they're avoiding your daily 1pm walk-about. 😉

What if I need to have a private conversation?

Yep, we get it, sometimes you don't want serendipity to barge in on your conversation. That's cool. For that, we have our private meetings. You can convert your current call into a private one with the click of a button, or start a new private meeting from anywhere in Sophya with anyone else who is online.

How does chat work?

You can direct message your individual work-spouses or chat with everyone at once (we call this controlled chaos).
The best part? You can chat with friends who are in their own Sophya spaces - yes, that's right, chat across offices! That means that Sally from Sophya can be in the Sophya office and chat with Harry who is in his company's office. 🤯

Can I broadcast?

Yep, you can broadcast all you want and make everyone in your space look at your big, beautiful face (or the adorable puppy you hold up to the camera, we won't get involved here). Others can request to speak and join you in your broadcast so you get a real party going up on the big screen. Broadcast goes across to everyone in a given room or across your entire space— it's your call which best suits your needs.

What about screenshare?

Good ol' screenshare, what would we do without it? You can screenshare, make it fullscreen, and let others on calls screenshare, too. If you're in an open chat or in a private meeting, anyone who joins your call will automatically see the screenshare.

Can I change my character?

Totally! You can look any way you like...and you can change that as often as you like. User Settings >>Edit Character will let you change your body, hair, hats, accessories, clothes, shoes, etc. We like to start our mornings with red hair and end them with rainbow unicorn hair. 🦄

Can I get my own space?

Come talk to us and we'll get you started. If you're not ready for your own space yet, you can always hang with Team Sophya. 🤟

Can I customize my space?

Of course! Let's chat about your wants, needs, deepest, darkest custom space desires. The world is literally your oyster (thanks to our amazing art team. 💜).

Is my space ever closed?

Nope, this is a global remote office! Open 24/7, anytime anyone wants to come hang, they can. Delight and productivity are possible at all times, peeps, it's a new world.


What's the etiquette for being in the space?

Be polite! The golden rule still holds. Walk up to someone, say hello, and make sure to unmute so they can hear you if you've accidentally gone silent. It's A-ok to make your excuses and say you want to go explore the space (Guess what? You probably do want to go explore the space.)
Oh and before we forget: do clothe yourselves. Whilst you don't need to shower - hey, freedoms of the remote world - you do still need to be dressed. No need to scandalous anyone in Sophya. 💃

As a host, how do I ensure my guests know how to do stuff?

Ask your guests to set aside 5-10 minutes initially to make an account and log in so they're comfortable and can resolve any weird A/V kinks. Once the time has come for your event, we recommend kicking things off with a quick broadcast welcome and letting everyone know to mingle and just bump into people serendipitously. Urge everyone to hit the games and explore. Things take care of themselves from there. 🎉

What if I've got uninvited guests?

No one likes a party crasher. If your bouncers have looked the other way, or if someone's underslept and rowdy, you can remove anyone unwanted in Team & Room Settings


What browsers does Sophya support?

Sophya is currently best experienced in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. We're working on getting Safari fully optimized ASAP!

Can I use Sophya on mobile?

For the most delightful time, we recommend desktop devices. Android works in a pinch, but desktop is still best. iOS coming (back) soon.

Hmm, my movement is lagging...what do I do?

Make sure you don't have a lot of tabs open or too many other apps running (we know, we know, this is just like the old "did you restart?" troubleshoot method...but it works!). If that doesn't work, your internet connection may be a little slow. We'll breathe deeply in patience with you. 🧘

My camera doesn't work.

Please make sure your camera/mic permissions are enabled in browser! Once that's settled, you'll also want to make sure that you've selected the correct camera (User Settings >> Audio/Video Devices). You may want to give the page a refresh once you've adjusted these things.
If you're using Google Chrome here's a good troubleshooting guide.

I can't hear anyone.

Please make sure your camera/mic permissions are enabled in browser! Once that's settled, you'll also want to make sure that you've selected the correct mic/speakers (User Settings >> Audio/Video Devices). You may want to give the page a refresh once you've adjusted these settings. Lastly, make sure you haven't muted yourself! Happens to us, too.

Security and Privacy

What information do you collect?

Not a lot. Your email, if you've made an account, name, and company info, (if you chose to include that). You can read our full privacy policy here.

Are the conversations recorded, and can anyone (including Sophya) hear or see my conversations?

Nope. Every video or audio conversation is private, because we value privacy. You can choose to record your meetings, but nothing happens without your explicit permission, initiated by you.

How do I limit who can enter my space?

There are two ways to control who enters your space. Most teams limit who is allowed into their office via their Team and Room Settings (similar to Slack permissioning).

Can I invite guests into my space?

Yes! Every team gets guest passes. You can set active times and expiration times on these, and give them to folks whom you just need to have in your office for a quick meeting or two. Think: interviews, investor updates, mom and dad, etc.


Do you work with schools?

Happy to. We have found that students prefer learning in this World far, far more than they enjoy Zoom school (I know you ain't shocked). Email us for more info.

What about student privacy!?

Oi. Have a look at the privacy and data policy, mate. We take privacy seriously.

My question wasn't covered here!

Oh! You can email us and we'll try to get your questions sorted.