Get Stuff Done


  • Are realizing that your team just feels... different.
  • Realize what while "speed" has gone up, errors have gone way up.
  • Fear burnout from a key teammate is on the horizon, yet you don't know who and you can't shake the feeling that you won't see it until it rears its ugly head.


  • Create a space to convene, for both work and fun.
  • Provide your team with productivity tools to crush it.
  • Let your team thrive, no matter where they are.

Stress-free video chat

Wanna meet? Just meet. Just walk up to anyone and start talking... just like real life. No more links, no more calendar invites, no more messy overhead. Real-life serendipity is back.


Do not disturb mode

Need to tone down the serendipity for a hot second? No problem - just change your status to let your teammates know you're in deep work mode.


Go private

No need to book a room - Private Meetings are here to help you keep top secret things top secret. Others can request to join if they feel left out.



Everyone loves a good screenshare. Ours happens to come in ultra high definition, and lets you see your teammates while presenting.

Bond With Your Team


  • Know work from home is doing weird things to your team's bond.
  • Wish your team could collaborate, create, and crush goals like before.
  • Want to push your team culture back up to its rightfully high bar.


  • Inspire meaningful teammate bonding in delightful ways.
  • Empower teammates to game, jam out, and work together.
  • Enable deep avatar personalization so your team can just be themselves (yes, even at work).

Co-work like you used to

Need to collaborate over a Miro board or co-write a Google Doc? If you can do it in a browser, you can do it together in Sophya.


Idea paint for your walls

Your virtual walls, that is! Collaborative whiteboards that actually work are waiting for you. And yes - that means you get to see instant reactions to your beautiful drawings on the faces of your team. Magic. Hopefully.


Take a (productive) break

Did you know 98.2% of all creative breakthroughs come from letting your mind go and just being? We did. And we give you subtle nudges every so often, like when you walk by the ping pong table. Play some games with your team, and behold the magic of your creative brain!


Take me with you

With picture-in-picture, you put your teammates video feed on top of whatever else you're doing: switch tabs, switch apps ā€” you dream it, you can do it, all without losing the connection.


Milestones and broadcast

Question: if you just closed that big deal, and you can't celebrate with your team, did it really happen? Broadcast to the entire office, and bring your all-star teammate front and center to their bow. Don't skip out on celebrating your milestones!

Host Your Event


  • Are sick of video tiles being billed as "events".
  • Miss beautiful spaces where you network and exchange ideas.
  • Want to interact with the spontaneity of real-life again.


  • Politely elbow off-stage the uncomfortable, awkward, silent "networking video tile event".
  • Let your attendees explore beautiful, immersive venues with no sign-ups or installs required.
  • Let real networking happen, sans forced weirdness.

Team Events

Mixers, team happy hours, celebrations, community events - host something social and special that will make you and your team proud to call you "home". Games, music, broadcasting - the whole works is here.


Seasonal Parties

Sometimes the best way to bond is over competition. The fun, friendly kind, of course. Bring some people together (they can be bosom buddies or total strangers), play a game, get to know each other, and leave as friends. (Or frenemies, this one's on you. šŸ˜‰)


Hackathons, meetups, career fairs, and social hangouts

Wanna set up a hackathon, do a bit of interviewing, or just meet up with chill people for specific convos? All of that lives here in Sophya World. Actually get to know people and make these social events as social as they're meant to be. Nobody likes doing these weird Brady Bunch-esque squares where everyone's muted, anyway. Come on in, the water's warm!


Custom spaces to make you happy

Beautiful spaces are at your fingertips. And if you're particular about things, like some of our Sophya teammates, don't worry, you can customize your space. We've got an amazing art team that can make your wildest (or not) dreams come true. All you need to do is ask and we'll take you there. Get in touch and we'll talk details.

What people are saying about Sophya


David Chang@changds

I hate (not really) @AnujAdhiya for introducing me to @Sophya_AI. Iā€™m addicted and want to hold all my meetings at their virtual office (really) instead of through Zoom.

Post image

Ande Lyons #StartupLife@AndeLyons

Yoo Hoo @changds - I had a blast hanging out at @Sophya_AI 's Tiki Bar today with Vish & Harrison. Thank you for introducing me to this FAB new platform - woo hoo! @iSocialFanz @AwallDigital - check out this new virtual space for meetings, networking, happy hour... šŸ¹šŸ’ƒ

Post image

Global Silicon Valley@GSVteam

Today we talked about investing in startups in a virtual Tiki Bar! šŸŒ“šŸ¹ We had the best time during our team meeting using @Sophya_AI 's interactive platform.

Post image

Evan Cheng@TheBeet1

This is awesome! As someone who spends many hours on Zoom most days for the last 7 months, I can say without any hesitation that I can't wait for a more interactive VC experience. Go @Sophya_AI team!



I love @Sophya_AI's approach to co-working! The Huat Ventures team met in the yoga studio for a quick chat.


Eric Stoller@EricStoller

Just trying out some rad new tech from @Vishy_vish and the fine folk at @Sophya_AI šŸ™Œ

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