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This last year's been tough for people at work. We get it. Teams aren't meant to work apart all the time, and newsflash: pandemics aren't a great time to drive change.

Teammates crave connection. They want to see each other again, laugh, and remind themselves why they go to battle each day for a common good. Nobody said anything about wasting hours in traffic as the price we must pay for the camaraderie & creativity.

It's been that way for years, not because it was intentional, because it was the only option. Not anymore. Step into the future... your team will ❤️ you for it.


Intentionally engineered to create healthy teams.

Talk like real life

Remember when your team used to make effective decisions quickly? Quick decisions keep you nimble. Let's get you back to walking up up to each other and talking, not sending meetling links.

Custom ‘surreal estate’

A new HQ where teamwork feels a little more like ‘team’, and a little less like ‘work’. Go custom, or choose one of our beautifully designed spaces.

Creative collaboration

Collaboration fuels teammates and builds strong bonds. Sophya gives your team the tools and place to get down to it together. Whiteboards, productivity tools, chat, games—it’s all here.

Team bonding

Teams that ❤️ each other go to bat for each other. They delight and inspire each other, and best of all, they make work feel less like work. Phew, looks like management just got a whole lot easier!

Culture doesn’t create itself

Truth be told, it kinda does. You either define it intentionally, or the team defines it for you accidentally. Sophya gives your team the tools and place to ensure the culture that sticks is the one that makes work feel like play (where play is crushing it 24/7).

Skip the Zoom fatigue

Did you know that over 14 million people in the US have been diagnosed with Zoom anxiety? Burnout is a company killer, and Sophya is here to breathe life back into your team. Unhappy teams don’t crush it.

Where teams ❤️ to work

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